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Travellers equipped with a basic understanding of these algorithms can use this knowledge to their advantage by finding the cheapest airfares when making flight bookings. In general, the algorithms employed by airlines are based on the principles of supply and demand. Airlines take into account a number of factors, the most important of which are the dates and times of particular flights and the amount of demand and competition present in the market within which the flight routes in question fall. flights during the early hours of the morning and late at night are generally cheaper than those between the mid-morning and evening hours. Savvy travellers can therefore save substantial amounts by planning their holidays around these peak times and by booking flights earlier in the morning or late at night, during times of the year when airlines experience difficulty selling enough airline tickets to fill up the seats on their flights. With regard to the dates and times of particular flights, airlines generally charge higher airfares for flights during peak periods such as school holidays and weekends. In addition.

In addition, airfares on flight routes to traditional holiday destinations are often more expensive than those to less popular destinations. There is less demand for tickets to destinations that are not traditional favourites among holidaymakers, and this often results in flights on these routes having a relatively high number of unsold seats. Airlines often charge reduced prices for tickets on these routes in order to entice members of the public to book these flights, maximizing the number of passengers on flights servicing these routes.

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